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Classes & Calendar of Events

MAMA's classes are for OMMP cardholders only, except for the Orientation class, which is open to the public. All classes are $25.00 and are taught by a very knowledgeable and dedicated group of teachers.  Space is limited at our classes, so you must reserve your space at least 24 hours in advance, with your payment due upon reservation.  Plan ahead.  Classes can take up to 2 hours.

Joy Of Life 1 - This class is a cuttings and cloning class.  You will be taught techniques for propagating your garden in a safe, clean environment.  You will go home with cuttings from your class that you will learn how to root and grow.  This class is taught in Portland on Wednesday at 4:00 pm, except the LAST Wednesday of the month. It is taught in The Dalles every other Thursday at 3:00 pm, except the LAST Thursday of the month.

Joy Of Life 2 - Bending, pruning and shaping.  This is a more advanced class that focuses on the many intricacies of growing Cannabis medicine. This class is taught in Portland at 4 pm on the LAST Wednesday of the month and in The Dalles at 3:00 pm on the LAST Thursday of the month.

Cannabis Preparations - Learn how to make cannabinated oil, butter and tincture in these comprehensive classes. 
Class A) Cooking with cannabis butter and oil
Class B) Cannabis oils (oral and topical preparations)
Class C) Making Tinctures – glycerin and alcohol

Thursday classes in Portland start at 4:20 p.m. and in The Dalles at 3:00 p.m.

Chocolate Truffle Class - Taught by a master chocolatier, this class should not be missed.  This class is taught once in a month in Portland and will be taught soon in The Dalles.  See current class schedule.

OMMP Orientation – Currently this is the only class open to the general public. Learn the intricacies of the OMMP, Cannabis harm reduction techniques, and the law governing the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act according to the OMMP.  Call your local MAMA office for available dates and times.

See our Current Newsletter here for our next month's calendar and special events.



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